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Strategic Communications

Do you feel like you find most of your time fighting fires? Is the way you communicate part of an overall plan or do you just respond to issues?

Cabix is experienced in developing strategic communications plans that go hand in hand with an organisation's overall strategic communications goals.

Effective strategic communications is about strategic communications planning and strategic communications preparation, and the Cabix team can either do the work for you, or work with you in a mentoring role to help to achieve your goals. Cabix consultants work at the executive level of organisations to help steer the direction of today's strategic communications while managing potential future issues.

Some of our clients have sought advice from Cabix when they have been in a communication issues or a crisis situation. We help them effectively resolve the communication issues at hand and then work with them to ensure they have the strategic communications planning steps in place to ensure they are not caught out by any future communication issues.

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