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Conference and Events Media

Conferences and events can often be a huge success for those attending - yet publicly, no-one hears anything about them. Why?

Often because all the conference or event resources have gone into the planning and preparation, the catering, the facilities, the speakers, but has anyone had time to put together an event media plan, write event media releases and alert the media to the important news to be found at the conference?

Remember, newsrooms today are under as much pressure as any other organisation - reporters don't have time to attend every conference or event for two or three days, hoping a good story will come of it. But they are interested if they know an event is newsworthy - and that's where Cabix can help.

The Cabix team can take care of your conference media for you. We do all the work - all you and your key speakers have to do is give media releases your seal of approval and be available for interviews.

When it comes to conferences and events, including book launches and film publicity, Cabix can provide you with nationwide media support, organising interviews and generating interest in your event.

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